Posted by: Joe | October 5, 2007

Giant Robots!

I was watching tube a couple nights ago, and an ad for the Transformers Movie DVD touted it as “the most original movie of the year”. Really? A movie based on a 23 year old line of toys which has spawned multiple TV cartoons, a cartoon feature film, and innumerable comic books, is the most *original* movie of the year?

Wow. Banner year for Hollywood.


I finally ended up seeing Transformers last night–I had assumed from the start that this would eventually end up in IMAX format, which is why I waited so long.

There are plenty of “OH COME ON” moments that I had to suspend my tech-geek disbelief for, but on the whole it was the 10-year old me sitting in the theatre last night. Hearing Peter Cullen’s voice reverb through the room was great.

Suprisingly, the only performances I really didn’t enjoy in the movie were Voight and Turturro. Their paychecks must have come with a postage-paid return envelope to mail in their performances with.

I’d say it was worthwhile theatre movie, but it’s very unlikely that I’ll buy the DVD.


Speaking of Peter Cullen–WHERE IS MY VOLTRON MOVIE, MOTHERF****RS?!?!?


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