Posted by: Joe | October 29, 2007


I’m not one for horror flicks–they do nothing for me. Even as a kid, Freddy and Jason raised my heart rate nary a beat. So, it’s a bit of an aberration that I watched not one, but two zombie movies this weekend.

OK, so they weren’t *real* zombie movies. The first on Friday night was Planet Terror, the Robert Rodriguez half of Grindhouse.

If Planet Terror was an answer on the SAT, the question is:

vampires is to From Dusk 'Til Dawn as zombies is to ?

It was worthwhile just for the ‘Machete’ fake trailer. Brilliant. Now there’s a gindhouse flick I would pay to see. Planet Terror itself, is bad. Not bad meaning good, but bad meaning BAD. Awful. And yet is still the better half of Grindhouse.

Yes, I realize that they’re supposed to bad. But there’s a genuineness in a true grindhouse movie that really makes it what it is, and that was missing, particularly in Death Proof. It’s as if the only direction Tarantino gave to the performers was “Be a BAD actor”, and Kurt Russell was the only one with the chops to pull it off without it just being distracting.

The second “not really a zombie movie” zombie movie of the weekend was Shaun of the Dead.  Highly recommended–zombies/spoof/romantic comedy and even a little drama, there’s something here for everybody.

I think I liked Hot Fuzz more, but I am a big Simon Pegg fan.  I’m assuming up front that the new Star Trek movie will suck, but I can’t wait to see his take on Scotty.



  1. I haven’t seen a zombie movie in a loooong time.

    The first real scary horror movie I saw was ‘I was a teenage zombie’. It scared the crap out of me. I can still picture that zombie as clear as day.

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