Posted by: Joe | November 11, 2007

Rock The Casbah

Wednesday night I made a trip out to Hamilton to see Ohbijou at The Casbah. I’ve wanted to catch another show ever since I saw them February, only to be foiled at every turn, so I was pretty amped.

As it turned out, the highlight of the night wasn’t the headliners, but Halifax singer/songwriter Rebekah Higgs. I had never heard of the term “folktronica” until now, but the label certainly fits Higgs self-titled release. Between Higgs juggling her guitar along with a case full of vox effects devices and her one-man rhythm section who somehow managed to play drums and bass at the same time, the show was a clinic in musical multitasking.  You can check out a few tracks here [SeeqPod].

Ohbijou’s Swift Feet for Troubling Times has been my go-to relaxation album all year.  They were every bit as good as the first time I’d seen them. Most of the set was made up of new songs intended for their second full length album (which I can’t wait for).

I may be heading out to Hamilton a couple more times this month–there were posters up for Attack in Black and Apostle of Hustle shows for the next couple weekends.



  1. Rebekah Higgs = my girlfriend du jour.

  2. Just so you know, she has great legs.

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