Posted by: Joe | November 15, 2007 are d*cks.

Every morning on my drive to work, I pass this:


What?  You think I *don’t* know where the donairs are?  I know where they are–1500 damned kilometers from here.  DON’T TAUNT ME F***ERS.



  1. Hahaha,

    I’m sorry but that is just damned funny!

  2. Oh, and your stupid arrow isn’t even pointed at NS, it’s pointed at Labrador.

    So there.

  3. If it weren’t a brand name I’m sure there’d be a sign that said “Keith’s” instead of donairs. I guess you can get Keith’s here in Ontario though, so maybe it’d say “ubiquitous Keith’s”. Or “Clancy’s, Schooner and Pizza Delight.”

  4. BTW, here in the UK they’re called “doners”. When I tell Brits that in the Maritimes we call them “donairs”, they laugh and accuse us of trying to sound French and poncy.

  5. Ha ha ha … that is just TOO funny. Oh and I’d also like to add…

    neener neener neener!!

  6. the sign is out here in alberta and i’m from nova scotia my thought is they’re trying to get workers to come back and the only thing they can offer is “donairs” how much did that “think tank” get paid for that idea good oh nova scotia government NO WONDER WE LEFT

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