Posted by: Joe | November 16, 2007

To quote a member of an online community I belong to:

“Fuck those backwards motherfuckers“.  It is disgusting to me that the US is in bed with these shits, or that Canada has any trade relations with Saudi Arabia at all.  Alberta’s oil sands are the second largest oil reserves on the planet.  Why are we dealing with this country?


The Daily Show’s writers report on the ongoing strike.  In typical TDS fashion, it explains pretty well what the strike is about (though from an understandably biased viewpoint).  I don’t agree with the WGA’s position.  I get paid to write software code for my employer.  I come up with a new algorithm that gets patented and my employer uses in new products for years to come, I don’t get residual payments for it.  That content is now the property of my employer.  If you don’t think you’re being fairly compensated, ask for more or work somewhere else.


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