Posted by: Joe | November 20, 2007

Work’s almost done

Tonight was my last sparring session before the fight Thursday night, and it was without question my best session yet. All that’s left is a couple light workouts tomorrow mainly to stay loose and maintain weight. Then Wednesday and Thursday during the day focus on weight and relax.

Tonight was the first time trying out the competition headgear. At first I felt, well, exposed is the word that comes to mind. Compare my training headgear:


To the competition headgear:


My training headgear has a steel bar that goes across my nose and cheeks–no such protection in competition headgear. However, visibility is much better with the competition headgear, so in theory fewer shots should land flush because you can see them coming better. It was a little offputting at first, but after a round or so to adjust, it wasn’t so bad.

To call the Ontario Boxing Association an organization is a bit of a stretch. I’m still not sure what time the weigh-ins start. Though if you assume that it’s run by a bunch of former boxers, it’s not suprising.  We get hit in the head a lot.



  1. Good luck Joe, although luck doesn’t have much to do with it when you are prepared as well as you are.

    I can’t wait to hear the play-by-play on Friday.

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