Posted by: Joe | November 21, 2007

Fight Night!

After a long wait, it’s finally arrived. People keep asking me if I’m nervous.

I’ve been boxing on and off for fitness purposes with varying degrees of regularity for about 4-5 years now. When I joined Primetime Fitness back in May, it was because I wanted to learn to box–not just stand in front of a bag and throw punches, which is effectively what you get out of most of the fitness club boxing classes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that–it’s more fun than trudging away on a treadmill, and a fun workout is more likely to get people off the couch.

But once something grabs my attention, I tend to dive into it a little more deeply than a most people.

When I first talked about what I was looking for with my coach, Mike Post, he said to me “We’ll get you where you want to be.” And we have. This picture was taken almost 2 years ago, but I was roughly the same weight (180ish lbs) when I started training around the beginning of April:



And here’s where I show off a bit. Right now, I’m 151lbs (I’ll weigh in tomorrow around 147). “After” photos after the jump:

front.jpg back1.jpg back2.jpg

tricep.jpg profile.jpg leg1.jpg

Tomorrow night is what I’ve been working towards for 6 months–the hard part is over. The fight’s the fun part.

I’ve put in the work. My skills have progressed to the point where I’ll be competitive. Nobody I’ll be fighting under 150lbs will be strong enough to hurt me. So, when I step between the ropes tomorrow night, I’ll be a boxer. I’ll have accomplished my goal, whether or not I win the bout. After the final bell I can worry about the next goal.

Excited, yes. Nervous? Not in the slightest.



  1. Uhhh … DAMN!

    (Said in a purely platonic, cousin-like way :) )

    That’s a lot of hard work :)

    Have a good fight … I’m looking forward to hearing how you made out!

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