Posted by: Joe | December 2, 2007

Perhaps he’s pining for the fjords…

I noticed some mouse droppings in the basement recently–no big deal, it’s an older house, mice happen.  I grew up on a farm, so I’ve dealt with this before.

There’s a rule with mice–you don’t ever just have a mouse.  You always have mice.  I set some traps (mice loooooove peanut butter) and snapsnap, a couple mice gone.

Last night, I flipped on the light switch to the basement, turned to walk down the steps and saw a mouse, crouched on the hardwood floor.  That’s odd–normally mice run like hell when you turn the lights on.

I give a yell–“YO!”  Nothing.  I walk down the stairs.  Nada.  I send the dog downstairs.  She has no idea what a mouse is, gives it a sniff, and looks back up at me, confused as to what I expect her to do.

Maybe it had a heart attack when the lights came on.  Bastard shouldn’t have eaten so much out of my pantry.



  1. I remember very clearly one mouse-tacular episode involving my mother.

    Years ago she kept her flour straight in a kitchen drawer, no bins or anything. One day she found mouse droppings in the drawer (thankfully, before she had started baking).

    She was so grossed out. She’s used to mice but to think that they were in her FOOD and to wonder how long they had been in there without her knowing… well, she screamed and bawled the whole time she cleaned that entire drawer of flour out.

    It was a scary thing for a young girl to witness.

    Needless to say, she now uses a flour bin.

  2. For those of you skeptical about the childhood rhyme, I have also seen a blind mouse… but he didn’t see me.

    I didn’t have the heart to kill him though.

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