Posted by: Joe | December 21, 2007

I’ll never listen to Danko Jones the same way…

I know I’ve said that about shows before, but this time I’m only partially joking. I may not listen to anything the same way, because there’s a chance I’ve suffered permanent hearing damage after last night’s show at the Horseshoe.

I’m not sure who the first act up was, but it’s no loss. In a wierd way, they reminded me of a prog-rock-metal version of The Eagles. It’s not that they sucked–they were competent, and good at what they do. It’s what they do that sucked.

C’mon were up next–wow do they know how to open a show. The power-trio banged through a set of no-nonsense, hard-rocking numbers interjected by frontman Ian Blurton berating the crowd into keeping up. A typical Toronto concert crowd involves a group of people standing with one hand in their pocket, the other holding a brew and appreciative head bobbing. Blurton was not going to put up with any of that. A guitar was thrown into the crowd. Not lightly tossed, *thrown*. If you don’t keep your head up and hands free at a C’mon show, you may be scalped by a Telecaster. Apparently the afterparty in Blurton’s hotel room was to involve drugs, hookers and a couple midgets. C’mon do not fuck around.

At this point, the sold-out Horseshoe was ready for some Danko. Easily the most raucous crowd I’ve seen at a Toronto rock show. Looking back, perhaps standing near the speaker stack, sans-earplugs was a bad decision on my part. I mean, I anticipated volume, I really did. But the first snare hit nearly flayed me.

Apart from that, it was everything you’d expect from a Danko Jones show. Other bands rely on innuendo, but Danko is unapologetically hard, loud, and in-your-face rock.

Good times.


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