Posted by: Joe | January 4, 2008

Writers, schmiters!

The general consensus among my friends was that without writers, Conan was going to be the late night host that fell flat on his face. As it turns out, I think he’s actually much better without writers at all. Letterman’s first show back was decent, but who the hell wants to listen to Robin Williams at this point?

This entire segment is pretty funny, but skip to 5:57 to see Conan win Rock Band. Seriously, everybody else can stop playing, he wins.


I’m among the minority amongst Raptor fans, but I’ve never been that impressed with Chris Bosh. I do like his game, but he seems to get muscled around a lot, and I think he needs to put on 15lbs of muscle if he wants to be a really dominant NBA player.

I still think that’s true, but from this point on, I am now officially a Chris Bosh fan:

[via Torontoist]


This year is definitely going to be the year I start cycling. To encourage Ontario residents to stay healthy and active, this year the Ontario government is offering a provincial sales tax exemption on new and used bikes under $1000.


If I had worn this tee at my last job, it very well may have spontaneously combusted.



  1. Ha ha … Conan as Edith Bunker is frigging hilarious!

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