Posted by: Joe | January 6, 2008

Just don’t take my Uncrate RSS feed

Not only did I ask for a sewing machine for Christmas, I spent last night reading the manual. I’m certain the knock on the door I heard this morning was the Man Police coming to revoke my license.


After seeing Panda Bear‘s Person Pitch appear on a bunch of year-end “best of” lists I grabbed it off eMusic this morning. First impression: it sounds like Brian Wilson recorded an album in a tile bathroom of a cathedral in the bottom of a canyon. OMG REVERB.

*edit*: It’s even worse trying to listen to it with headphones. It sounds like it was recorded in a 50gal steel drum. DO NOT WANT.



  1. LOL! That was a great description for the way it sounds. I can just imagine it.

    Don’t worry about the Man Police. I’ve been guilty of that and more ever since I was a kid, and they have yet to find me. ;-)

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