Posted by: Joe | January 25, 2008

“What do you say, is it the new Bluesmobile, or what?”

Craigslist is a wonderful thing. Classified ads for the modern age. Most people make their first Craigslist transaction something small, like concert tickets, or video game, maybe used consumer electronics.

Oh, but I don’t do anything halfway. I bought a car.

It’s pretty. And has lots of fun toys like Bluetooth, and factory tinted windows, and a proximity keyfob, and 650watts of Rockford-Fosgate goodness (If I see Dan walking downtown, I am flipping the iPod to Legion of Boom and totally cranking that bitch up).

Yes, definitely the new Bluesmobile.


I picked up the car out in Ajax. I’ve been in the city 10 years now, and this was the first time I’d ever used GO Transit. I was keen to try it out.

Seems to me that $9.20 for a relatively comfortable, stress free trip from Mississauga to Ajax is a hell of a deal. The ride is smooth and much quieter than I expected. The cars all seem relatively clean. If I had to commute downtown everyday, it’s definitely a more palatable option than driving or the TTC.


I love people watching on public transit. A few seats down from me on the train yesterday was a stoner reading “High Times” magazine. One of this month’s cover stories: “Stealth Smoking”.

Pro tip:

If you want to keep your penchant for the bud on the down low, DON’T READ ‘HIGH TIMES’ MAGAZINE ON A PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION SYSTEM



  1. That snowball coming in your window? That’ll be from me.

  2. It’ll have to be a mortar shot–this is the exact situation the sunroof is for.

  3. As I said when you “called me from your bluetooth enabled new car” I’m a little bit, screw that, a whole lot jealous.

    That is a nice looking car, I’ll need to get a ralliart in a couple years to one up you. Ha, that probably won’t happen.

  4. Do it, that’ll give me an excuse to get an EVO X.

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