Posted by: Joe | February 11, 2008

Quivering in anticipation

January is always seems to be a little slow as far as new tunes goes–inevitably I find myself thinking “last year was so much better than this year, I can’t find anything new”. And inevitably I’m proven wrong by the time the festival circuit starts (SXSW, NXNE, CMW, etc).

The past couple days I’ve been going through concert listings and album release dates, and I’ve found a bunch of stuff to look forward to:


  • Nicole Atkins and The Sea @ Lee’s Palace, Feb 17
  • Two Hours Traffic, The Wooden Sky @ The Horseshoe, Feb 23
  • The Duke Spirit @ Lee’s Palace, Mar 8
  • Basia Bulat @ Lee’s Palace, Mar 29
  • New Pornographers w/ Okkervil River @ The Phoenix, Apr 9 *
  • The Long Blondes @ Lee’s Palace, May 22 *
  • Ladytron w/ Datarock @ Harbourfront Center, Jul 4 (free!)


  • The Mountain Goats – Heretic Pride, Feb 19 **
  • Panic! At The Disco, Pretty.Odd, March 15
  • Los Campesinos!, Hold On Now, Youngster… , Apr 1
  • The Black Keys, Attack & Release, Apr 1
  • The Long Blondes, Couples, Apr 8
  • Constantines, Kensington Heights, Apr 15
  • Dr. Dre, Detox, Jun 30
  • Massive Attack, Weather Underground (working title?), Date TBA
  • Nas – Nigger, Feb 2008 Date TBA

* OMG can’t wait.
** Grammar guru question: What verb tense describes that I would be looking forward to a release if I hadn’t already heard it because it had been leaked on the internet?



  1. “OMG can’t wait.” is right! I can’t wait for my gf Kate Jackson to come home to me. I’m already loving ‘Couples’.

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