Posted by: Joe | February 12, 2008

It’s a love/hate relationship

Hey, remember the betting proposition on when I’d misplace my 2nd gen iPod shuffle? I think the line settled around 5.5 months–and if you took the under as I suggested, you’d have won.

Two nights ago, I put it through the wash, forgotten in a pocket. It stayed there overnight, in a pile of wet laundry. The next day, that laundry went into the dryer.

This morning, I found it in the lint trap. <sigh>

I brought it in to work this morning, popped it into the dock, and a couple hours later was listening to Kasabian’s “Reason is Treason”. IT EFF’ING WORKS.

I truly, vehemently, hate iTunes. The one thing that it is supposed to do, music library management, it fails miserably. And I hate Apple’s arrogance in their refusal to create an open API for the iPod, essentially forcing most people to use iTunes because 3rd party applications tend to be filled with bugs due to the difficulties in reverse engineering iTunes’ unnecessary cleverness.

But damn, they make some impressive hardware.



  1. Solid state FTW!

  2. I’ve put my kingston USB key through the wash/dry cycle three to four times… it hasnt let me down yet.

  3. You are aware that you can use winamp to sync your Ipod? We use it on Mark’s, and haven’t had any problems. It also allows you to copy music off the Ipod, which is a wonderful thing.

  4. I had tried a few early versions of the Winamp/iPod integration, and had a lot of trouble with it (plus at the time, it didn’t support podcasting, which was a dealbreaker).

    The latest version appears to be much better though, so I’ll have to give it another look.

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