Posted by: Joe | February 29, 2008

He was turned to steel

The new HD Iron Man trailer released today makes me feel all funny in my pants.

A lot of my friends have been leery of Robert Downey, Jr playing Tony Stark. Those people clearly don’t understand the character. An egomaniac alcoholic? This was the role RDJ was born to play.

I can imagine how the casting interview went:

RDJ: “OK Jon, let me get this straight: you want me to play an alcoholic douchebag billionaire genius, and spend half the movie behind a mask so that nobody can see my eyes.”
Jon Favreau: “Yup.”
RDJ: “And you are going to pay me.”
JF: “Yup.”
RDJ: “If Ashton Kutcher comes out from behind that plant I’m going shank him with your letter opener.”

Even if it doesn’t turn out to be the best comic book movie EVAR, there’s a reasonably good chance that the Extra Special Edition Director’s Cut DVD will have an outtake clip of Iron Man snorting a truckload of coke off of a robot hooker’s ass.



  1. Saw the trailer…and my gawd I so have to agree with you…RDJ…who else could of played that part…he is perfect for it! My son and I had a whole discussion on this and we both agreed and can’t wait to see it!

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