Posted by: Joe | March 11, 2008

Everybody’s a comedian…

I was out running tonight after work–had lots of energy due to late afternoon espresso+birthday cake.  I was doing my 7 mile route, about a half mile from home and I felt really good, the streets were dry so I kicked it up a little.  A couple minutes later a truck comes up from behind me, window rolled down and matches my speed.

Him: “It’s OK, there’s no lights behind you.”
Me: “Wha…um, what?”
Him: “Go ahead, be honest–how far back did you drop the DVD player, you’ve lost the cops.”



New demo for Starcraft 2 was shown today which shows the new Zerg race for the first time.  When it’s actually released, all of South Korea will shut down for at least a week.



  1. Ha ha ha … cute :)

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