Posted by: Joe | March 17, 2008

The candy of meats

Ah, pork–is there nothing it can’t do?

Since my recent pork cookie experience, I keep coming across other bacon-related foods that I feel compelled to experience.

Bacon Jam – why go to the trouble of frying up bacon in the morning for your bacon and egg sandwich, when you can just spread that bad boy on your toast?!? Brilliant. [via Miss Fipi Lele]

Bacon Popcorn – That’s right–fry up some bacon, all crispy-like, then pop the popcorn in the bacon grease. Whoever came up with this idea first should be involved in the space program.

Various recipes for bacon ice cream. We used to make homemade ice cream when I was a kid on the farm, using a hand-cranked ice cream maker. We only ever made vanilla or grapenut, and it was good, but not nearly worth the effort involved. I would crank that bastard until my rotator cuff exploded in a fine mist for bacon ice cream.

BACON ‘EFFING LOLLIPOPS – I’m an atheist, but the fact that this exists is nearly enough to convince me of the existence of a higher power. [via Uncrate]



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