Posted by: Joe | March 30, 2008

In which Joe gets in touch with his inner hippie…

The JoeFro™ has been getting a little out of control recently, so I had decided it was time for a trim.

My Hippie Friend AH is an amateur hairdresser and I enjoy cooking, so we decided that it would be a good idea to trade services, hippie commune-style. She gets a free meal, I get a haircut and because AH is (natch) a vegetarian, I get to add to my repertoire of not-so-meaty recipes, which is at this point fairly limited. However, that didn’t stop me from convincing her that I’d be making carpaccio because, well, she’s fun to mess with.

Since the haircut was to follow dinner, I had to come up with something good so I didn’t end up with a Travis Bickle. The menu consisted of garlic soba noodles with parmesan crusted tofu, followed by honey-poached pears with mascarpone. Quite good, but I don’t think I’m ready to give up on the dream of maple-bourbon bacon cheesecake just yet.

Following dinner, the haircut went off without incident, despite lack of experience with hair quite so curly as mine. In truth, I was never worried about it; a bad haircut can be fixed in about 5 minutes since I have no problem going back to a buzz.

My new ‘do was completed just in time for AH to head off to a birthday party, and for me to run around the house to turn everything off for Earth Hour. I spent my Earth Hour in a juniper extract foam bath with Massive Attack on the iPod and The Zombie Survival Guide by candlelight. I have no problem doing my part for the environment, but there’s no need to be uncivilized about it.

After having saved the earth, I ran across this image this morning (courtesy of Fipi Lele):




Now, I clearly can only deal with my inner hippie for so long, so post-Earth Hour I headed out to The Hammer to see Crystal Castles.  I was lucky to track down an extra ticket…the Casbah was completely sold out.

Any band named after a reference to an 80s cartoon is okay by me.  I feel like my old Atari 2600 console had a seizure and vomitted in both my ears.  In a good way.


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