Posted by: Joe | April 8, 2008

To Do

Like a lot of people, I have a “life to do” list. Mine has 10 items on it, and when I cross an item off, I add another to replace it. Here’s the current 10 as of last week:

  1. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro.
  2. Win an OCA Provincial Championship.
  3. Win the OCA Men’s Provincial Championship.
  4. Build a boat.
  5. Get inked.
  6. See a Shuttle launch.
  7. Learn to play guitar.
  8. Learn how to throw knives.
  9. Bungee jump from a bridge.
  10. Shoot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.

After this past weekend, I can cross off #2:

2008 Silver Tankard Patch

This was my first time playing in the Silver Tankard format–it’s significantly different than other competitions, which are one team head-to-head. The Silver Tankard is a two-team event, with the total combined score of two games determining the winner. It takes a very different mental approach to the game, as the outcome of a single shot in your partner’s game can be a deciding factor in your strategy. 3+ hour games are common through zones and regions because of the lack of a time clock–teams can wait as long as they like to see the outcome of entire ends in their other game.

The semi-final was without question the biggest test of the competition. Our partners played from behind the entire way, coming through with a deuce in the 10th to tie up their game. Greg and I made a ridiculous number of raise takeouts to keep our game against Bob Stafford close, coming from behind with a steal in the 10th end to win. We came within millimeters of an extra end as Bob’s raise attempt whistled by our rock biting a piece of the button.

This caps off a great year for St. George’s.  Our partner team, skipped by Bill Duck, made it to Intermediate and Senior Provincials in addition to our joint effort at the Silver Tankard, and Ann Pearson, who plays vice for my club Open team skipped her Senior Women’s squad to a berth in the final at the Canadian Senior Nationals.

My first year curling in high school, we lost in the zone playdowns in a spectacular collapse to the team that eventually won the province. That game has entered my mind a lot over the years. I don’t think I’ll be thinking about it anymore.



  1. Congrats, Joe! Sounds like a pretty neat tournament format.

    When do you start taking ink suggestions?

  2. Congrats, brother.

  3. […] Saturday afternoon I put off more kitchen work playing in the Silver Tankard zone playdowns.  We started off slow (we were down 4-0 after two ends in our game), but got close by the 5th end break, after which our opponents never scored again.  Our partner team won their game as well, so in a couple weeks we’ll have a chance to repeat last year’s provincial championship. […]

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