Posted by: Joe | May 21, 2008

Enough Already!

I listen to CBC Radio3’s R3-30 podcast [RSS] pretty regularly, and lately it seems like every other damn song has Dan Bejar in it.  How many bands is he in?  I think if I could manage to pay attention for a few minutes I’d enjoy his songwriting, but his voice and lyrical delivery make me want to punch him in the throat.


Another thing I’ve had enough of:  cyclists running red lights in front of me.  My car has an order of magnitude more mass than you + bike.  Are you retarded?


And one more thing:  Linux, you are dead to me.  I recently installed the new version of Ubuntu on my laptop after being assured that it was the distro that would finally bring Linux to the desktop.  The previous version, “Gutsy Gibbon”, seemed to work alright except that the power management support was brutal, which is sort of a pain point when you’re working on a laptop.

So, I had high hopes for Ubuntu 8.04.  The install was easier than any Linux distro I’ve ever used, and was fairly quick.  I play around a bit, and the power management seems much improved.  It’s pretty enough, I guess.  Good start.

OK, now I’ll just install some drivers for my wireless card, and I’ll be good to go!  Given what I’ve seen so far there’s got to be some kind of wizard or something to help me out.  No?  Huh.  Jeez, this thing doesn’t even appear to recognize that the card exists.  OK, Google to the rescue

lspci what?  ndiswrapper? You mean I have to use some kind of hacked up wrapper around the card’s Windows drivers?  What happened to the Linux drivers that worked fine in Gutsy Gibbon?  Which version of the Windows drivers do I use?  Fuck no, I don’t still have the CD for the card, I have the Internet, who keeps that crap?

Let me get this straight:  in order to get my wireless card working, I need to download the setup executable for the Windows drivers to a Windows machine, run the setup program, then transfer the binary files to the Ubuntu laptop, and then use some obscure command line utilities to get an even more obscurely named wrapper utility to install the driver.

People actually believe that this is feasible for an average desktop user?  I work with Linux every day and I have no desire to go through this.

Dead. To. Me.



  1. I agree: Dan Bejar sounds like a constipated gibbon. I automatically skip any New Pornographers song that he sings.

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation :) Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Potency.

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