Posted by: Joe | July 3, 2008

Git R Done

I really didn’t want to go to work yesterday. Then I realized, “Hey, it’s Wednesday!” I could get used to 3 day work weeks.

Weekend Recap:

Saturday involved getting an item off the home and garden to-do list: rebuilding the flower garden out front. You’re not going to be seeing me on HGTV anytime soon, but it’s certainly better than the scorched earth look that I had going on before.


Despite having lived in the western GTA for almost 10 years, and despite my love of the other white meat, I had never managed to make it to Toronto Ribfest. We* decided to change that on Sunday, and made our way over to Centennial Park in Etobicoke.

First problem: finding the site. I’ve spent a fair amount of time in and around the Centennial Park area, and I had a relatively hard time figuring out where to go. Given the number of signs I’ve seen around Etobicoke and Mississauga over the past month, there was a suprisingly little signage anywhere near the park. Strike one.

After finally locating the entrance, as we approached I could make out the sounds of a band. Excellent, live entertainment! However, as we got closer, the best way I can describe what I heard was to tell you to picture a Bedouin Soundclash cover band…covering Trooper’s “Here For A Good Time”. Strike two.

Once in the gate, however, all was forgiven. Belts and trucker hats and sunglasses, oh my. I nearly bought a Jack Daniel’s belt buckle the size of my face. The typical fashion statement was direct from the Spears/Federline 2005 Collection. It was a glorious redneck extravaganza.

The real attraction is of course the food–every vendor stall is decorated with “Best of Show” awards that they’ve been awarded and a table of trophies out front. After a brief look around, hunger won out and we selected Turtle Jack’s largely due to the lack of lineup.

Verdict: OMG PULLED PORKGASM. Wow. Due to her aversion to porcine meat (I know, I’m working on it) Sheila ordered a grilled half chicken that was also outstanding. We then grabbed a half-rack from Bad Wolf Bar-B-Q to take home.

For dessert, Sheila experienced her first funnel cake (she really has led a sheltered life), topped with ice cream and mixed fruit. Stuffed full, we stumbled back to the car and home.

One thing we noticed on the way out: an ice cream truck at the entrance. Seems like a poor spot to set up shop–I doubt many people are going to grab a banana split on the way in, and after stuffing themselves full of slow-cooked meat and deep-fried desserts, I can’t imagine doing much business with exiting patrons either.


We both had taken Monday off to make for an extra-long weekend, and filled the afternoon with a hike through the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, a 40km trail system through the Niagara Escarpment. I’d guess we did about an 8-9km loop. I made the mistake of assuming the Hamiltonian’s in the group knew where they were going.

I was mistaken. We got lost. I have a pretty good sense of direction from wandering through the woods out behind our farm growing up, and I had a rough idea of the direction we needed to head back to, but because I hadn’t really been paying attention couldn’t say for sure. Yay for cell phones and friends with Google.

Monday night we barbecued at home, and watched American Beauty (with a short intermission to make strawberry shortcake).


Tuesday morning we met some friends for breakfast at Eggspectation downtown. Despite my best efforts I couldn’t persuade them to serve alcohol before 11am. Fascists. To get my daily serving in, I ordered the banana french toast flambé. It didn’t actually arrive flaming, which was a disappointment.

The afternoon was spent playing Rock Band with our breakfast mates. Good times. Scored 100% singing “Creep”. This does little to assuage my desire to buy the game for myself.

We stopped at a random Indian restaurant along Dundas for dinner for a mediocre buffet. Once again stuffed full, we waddled down to Harborfront Centre to catch Basia Bulat’s show. If you haven’t seen it already, you can read Frank’s review over @ Chromewaves.  I would have liked to have stayed for Martha Wainright’s set, but the combination of sun, full bellies and rocking out convinced us to head home.

The only fireworks I saw were in the park backing my house.  That was enough.

*It’s nice to use the first-person plural again.



  1. Nice looking garden!

    I’m with Sheila… no desire for a porkgasm. I do, however, like frequent asparagusasms.

  2. I am eternally grateful that the ribfest moved from its original home next St. Lawrence Market a few years ago. Now that I live down there, I just don’t think that my near-vegetarian ass would be able to take it.

    I did get to enjoy it once here before deciding to eschew the meat, and once in Ottawa. There’s nothing quite like being introduced to a friend’s future wife with your mouth full of chicken and your face covered in barbecue sauce.

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