Posted by: Joe | July 10, 2008

There are things you can’t unsee.

One of those things is watching some dude eat a Twinkie out of Darrin Pfeiffer‘s sweaty ass crack.  Sorry. If I’m going to live with that image in my head, YOU’RE going to as well.

We were out to the Kool Haus last night to see Goldfinger [MySpace].  (Stop judging me, Dan.  I can feel you judging me.)

The two opening acts of the night we saw were Big D and the Kids Table and Less Than Jake [MySpace].  Neither was particularly memorable.  Both bands prefaced every song with “And this one is called SongX”–my guess is because every song sounds exactly the same.  LTJ did get the crowd going, so I guess they did their job.

I have never seen a Toronto crowd like the show last night.  For the uninitiated (and I was one before yesterday), ska fans have a style of dance called “skanking“.  It basically involves jumping around, kicking and throwing elbows, all while in close proximity to others doing the same.

It was pure chaos.  One of the security staff was hauled up on stage and berated into slamming down a beer.  While doing “Mable”, the band invited everyone who owned their first album on the stage to sing with them.  There must have been 50-60 people up with the band.  There was stage diving and crowd surfing abound–one dude didn’t get caught and got knocked the fuck out.  I had heard of the wall of death before, but had never seen it until last night.  Picture the battle scenes from Braveheart minus the swords and kilts.

Goldfinger are probably best known for their cover of “99 Red Balloons”, which they saved for last.  The crowd went apeshit.  For the last 10-15 seconds of the song, two guys sat beside the drum kit dousing the crash cymbals with lighter fluid while flames danced 5′-6′ overhead.

Darrin Pfeiffer is a madman.  Awesome, but a madman.



  1. Judge. Judge judgity-judge-judge-judge.


  2. Love Goldfinger! Jealous as hell.

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