Posted by: Joe | July 24, 2008

Unintended lesson

Went to see Wall·E last night.  Very cute, deserving of the overwhelmingly positive reviews.  One of the best Pixar feature films.  It was like a feature-length Pixar animated short, if that makes any sense.

However, what I got out of it was that the sooner we fill the planet with garbage, the sooner I get to live on a spaceship slurping Cupcake-In-A-Cup from the comfort of my hoverlounger.  Let’s hop to it people–the ecosphere isn’t going to poison itself.


There’s a small radio in the locker room at the gym at work, and most of the time it’s tuned to Q107.  The past two days after my lunchtime workout I’ve heard the same song, Steeler’s Wheel, “Stuck in the Middle With You”.

Between the mp3 blogs I read regularly and the podcasts I keep up with, hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear some new band that I’ve never listened to before.  Not many of them stick with me, but I’m constantly hearing new music.  It must suck to DJ at a classic rock station, playing the same set of songs day after day, week after week, year after year.  At least at a Top 40 station you only play the same song repeatedly for a month or two before replacing it with the Billboard hit-du-jour.

I’d last about two weeks before sending a company-wide email to the effect of “if I hear `Baba O’Riley` one more goddamn time I’m coming back in here with a jerry can and a blowtorch.



  1. Q104 in Halifax used to play “Sultans of Swing” by Dire Straits what seemed like every 40 minutes.

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