Posted by: Joe | September 3, 2008

Field Day

…for Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  Almost makes me wish I hadn’t canceled my cable service.  Thank the gods for

I don’t often talk about politics, but the ongoing drama in the US presidential race is hard to ignore.  Over the past month or so, it seemed the Democrats were (yet again) managing to make a close race out of an election which really should be a rout.

However, the selection of Palin as McCain’s VP candidate strikes me as a hail mary toss from a desperate man, part gimmick and part (flawed) genius.  The intent is Palin’s pro-life, anti-stem cell, evangelical friendly views solidify McCain’s support with the GOP base and her gender is a blatant grab for disgruntled Hillary supporters.  But a recent poll by the Garin-Hart-Yang Research Group indicates that women aren’t buying it, though I’d like to see more numbers to back that up.

Between continued details about Palin’s background coming to light and McCain canceling Larry King appearances because Campbell Brown is a meanie, the Republicans appear to be imploding without Rove at the helm.  This is a ridiculous decision to me–I mean, if McCain starts getting asked hard questions during the debates is he going to walk out?  Even worse, assume he gets elected–how is this guy supposed to negotiate with foreign nations when he’s not even willing to get lobbed softballs from Larry King?

Meanwhile, tomorrow night Obama is kicking off a 3-part interview with Bill O’Reilly.  That’s some Must See TV.

I’m also eager to watch the VP debates, particularly when the subject inevitably turns to abstinence-only sex education in schools.  Perhaps Governor Palin can enlighten us with an example of how well that’s worked out in her state.


North of the border, it appears we’re headed for a federal election as well.  One of my dirty little secrets:  I’ve never voted.  In anything.  Not in a government election, not for class president, not in a CNN poll.  Well, except for that one time in Grade 5 social studies, but only because the teacher made me.

The next opportunity available I’ll be voting.  For whatever palatable non-Conservative candidate in my riding is running.  Bill C-61, the Conservatives opinions on same-sex marriage and abortion, and Harper’s tongue firmly wedged in George Bush’s asscrack have all persuaded me to finally do my civic duty.  Stephen Harper doesn’t represent me, and I’m unable to reconcile the fact that while Canadians seemingly prefer Obama to any other party leader, Harper’s Conservatives appear to be on the brink of a majority government.

And his “Strong Leadership” TV spots suck ass.


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