Posted by: Joe | November 21, 2008

At least it’s not a live-action Shia LeBoeuf movie

Until probably grade 3 or 4, every morning before heading to school I’d watch cartoons while having breakfast.  The usual lineup was some combination of The Mighty Hercules, Rocket Robin Hood and Astro Boy.

A lot of manga fans are fawning over the recently released CG Astro Boy feature film trailer, but I’m not feeling it.  It just doesn’t have an anime feel to me.  Granted it is a very short teaser and maybe I’ll feel better about it once I see some finger lasers and ass-machine guns.


Also in the “really hope this doesn’t suck file” is the latest installment of the Star Trek franchise.  The whole kid-rebel-James-Kirk thing at the start sort of makes me cringe, but it has a cool looking Enterprise, hot space chicks, and ass-kicking Kirk getting his groove on.  It looks like a combination of awful and awesome, which is really what made TOS fun.

And the raw power of Zachary Quinto’s eyebrows really shouldn’t be underestimated.



  1. Nor, the trailer would have us believe, should Uhura’s rack.

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