Posted by: Joe | December 8, 2008

Roll vs Suspension of Disbelief: FAILED

OK, I know it’s perhaps wrong to get huffy about bad science in a television show about people who can fly/read minds/teleport/etc, but when you have a complete solar eclipse happening at the same time in Manhattan, Texas, Kansas and Haiti, you’ve officially stopped trying.

I loved the first season of Heroes, but it seems clear to me that Kring has absolutely no idea where he’s going with any given character.  People switch motivations and alliances more often than a WWE story arc, and it feels like the actors are starting to mail it in.  I’m rapidly tiring of the show.



  1. I thought of the same thing as of Season 1 – a GLOBAL phenomenon? How could that be? But then again, we are watching a show about people having powers. That already is something quite extraordinary. So it’s a matter of letting go of preconceptions and enjoying the ride!

  2. I gave up on it after last year’s fiasco. I loved season one (right up until the final episode) but I was loudly making fun of season two each week, so I figured it was time to check out. See also: 24.

  3. I didn’t start into Heroes until a couple months ago, when we went through the Season 1/2 DVDs.

    I gave it the benefit of the doubt through Season 2, thinking it was mostly Mohinder and Maya that were annoying me, and because I really, really, really wanted to like it.

    But Season 3 just sucks.

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