Posted by: Joe | April 1, 2009

Reason #3,190 Why Ticketmaster Sucks

On Monday a friend of mine drops me an email to see if I wanted to go down to The Opera House to see Los Campesinos! on Wednesday night.  I’ve already seen them a few times, but Sky Larkin is opening who I’ve heard good things about, so sure, let’s do it.

So yesterday I head to and see tickets still available, click through to the Billing page to find a $7.50 Convenience Charge on a $15 ticket.  That alone is enough to piss me off–50% of the ticket price?  Come on.

But then I scroll down to the Delivery Options and see that because the show is the next day, the only option is “Canadian Retail Outlet Pickup”.  No “e-ticket”.  No option to pick up the ticket at the venue.

ProTip:  THIS IS IN NO WAY CONVENIENT.  Please change the label of “Convenience Charge” to “Bend You Over The Barrel Just Because We Can Charge”.

Thanks, I’ll take my chances on somebody scalping outside the door.



  1. Use Brown Paper Tickets. $.99 per ticket service fee

    • Unfortunately, I can’t buy tickets that Brown Paper Tickets don’t sell. There are plenty of smaller ticket distribution companies out there, but they only handle a tiny percentage of events because Ticketmaster has exclusive contracts with many venues, making them the only gig in town.

  2. […] on me.” Sheila, my curling buddy Jeff, and I decided to head downtown even though we didn’t grab tickets for the show ahead of time.  We had a curling game to get through early, then took off for downtown.  There were plenty of […]

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