Posted by: Joe | April 3, 2009

“I think I got drummer sweat on me.”

Sheila, my curling buddy Jeff, and I decided to head downtown even though we didn’t grab tickets for the show ahead of time.  We had a curling game to get through early, then took off for downtown.  There were plenty of tickets left at the door.  To Ticketmaster:  Eat. A. Bag.

We arrived at The Opera House in time to catch the last couple songs of Sky Larkin‘s set.  I had listened to their MySpace tracks a couple days before the gig, but didn’t realize until we got there that they were a 3-piece.  Their drummer beats the skins like they owe him money.  Katie Harkin is one of those cute girls that become an order of magnitude hotter holding a guitar, and moreover she knows how to use it.  Wow, she can play.  They’ve now been added to my “music to buy” list, which has become somewhat long in the past couple weeks.  I need my eMusic subscription to roll over with the quickness.

Considering they’re from Wales, LC! have spent a fair amount of time in Toronto, due to Arts & Crafts being their North American label and having recorded their first album here.  This wasn’t even their first trip to this venue–“The International Tweexcore Underground” video was taped on The Opera House stage.

This was the fourth time I’d seen LC! in the past couple years, but the first since their more recent album release. While We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed is slightly less sugar coated than their debut, there are still more than enough handclaps and glockenspiels to have a lot of people reaching for their insulin injectors. They’re like a Welsh Arcade Fire hopped up on goofballs.

The set was a pretty even mix of songs from both of last year’s albums, and exhibited a polish that I hadn’t seen in previous shows.  But while the songs seem tighter, that polish has taken some of the edge off of the barely-in-control rawness that I enjoyed about their prior performances.  The intro to “You! Me! Dancing!” nearly made my brain reboot at The Horseshoe and Lee’s Palace–it seemed to get swallowed up somewhat by the larger venue.

Gareth sang most their usual closing song, “Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks”, from the middle of the crowd (corded microphone, be damned), the rest of the band teetering atop the stagefront monitors.  Once his presence was no longer required behind the kit, the sweat-soaked drummer joined the crowd to dance and sing along.

Word is they have another album in the works for release sometime mid-year, so I’m sure they’ll be back in Toronto soon.


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