Posted by: Joe | April 18, 2007

Apiary Mary Celeste

A lot more info coming in on the mysterious bee disappearances that Dan pointed out a while back. A lot of press lately is claiming that cell phone radiation is to blame, as opposed to some kind of disease.

If humans are in fact causing it, we might want to get to the bottom of this one quickly. If we somehow manage to make a significant dent in the bee population, we won’t have to worry about climate change — we’ll all starve to death.



  1. Well even with my personal feelings about the little stingers that comes from the time I bit one in half, or the time a yellow jacket got under my shirt, or the time my big brother convinced me to jump in a hole in the ground with a nest in it (I never did say thank by the way!), this is still pretty damn serious.

    One of the few things I remember from early biology classes is how bees help with cross-polination, that and all the stages of mitosis ane meosis (hahaha, just kidding I don’t really remember those!). If this continues I may need to build a bomb shelter with one of the bookcases you mentioned Joe and stock 20+ years of food in it.

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